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Knowledge, so we know what to do!

On the initiative, Dinies Technologies is constantly striving to keep up with the latest science and technology.

In order to remain so, we ourselves are committed to driving forward research on the subject of safe health protection and UV-C.

To this end, we are in constant exchange with partner companies and renowned research institutes. We are constantly expanding this network of knowledge and experience because we are convinced that only together can we meet the great challenges of the future.

Here is an excerpt of our scientific partners:

  • TROPOS Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research (Aerosols)
    Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research UFZ (environmental pollution by pathogens)
  • HTWK zu Leipzig, Faculty of Engineering, Simulation of Technical Systems (flow behavior)
  • University Hospital Leipzig, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Virology
  • PCR Laboratory Services, Dr. Kaim (test evaluations)

Projects for your health:

  • With HTWK:
    Germ load in the classroom – UV-C air disinfection in schools“:
    Here, we conducted a study on the effectiveness of UV-C air disinfection in classrooms. The results surprised us ourselves. Have a look at the results.
  • With a consortium of manufacturers, air conditioning manufacturers, research institutes and consultants from health and tourism.
    BeCoLe: UVC air disinfection in indoor environments“, prevention and care of epidemic infections with innovative medical technology. In this project, we will research UV-C in general under everyday conditions in order to provide prevention even better.

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