Use of UV-C to control ringworm

Cattle lichen, an annual problem!

Cattle lichens occur more and more frequently outside the winter months. Especially on farms where cattle are kept exclusively indoors, calves and young animals are frequently affected by the lichens.
The disease causes permanent damage to the coat and can also be transmitted to humans.

Kühe in einem Stall
Kühe auf einem Feld
Kuh ganz nah

Simple solution with UV-C light

Everyone knows the disinfecting effect of the sun’s rays, for which the UV-C light contained therein is responsible. UV-C light can now be produced artificially. UV-C light with a wavelength of 254 nm has proven to be extremely effective. Bacteria, viruses, spores and fungi are killed within a very short time. This UV-C light has also proven to be a very effective measure against bovine lichens.

Application of NIX30-1

2.5 – 2.7m above the slatted floor, if more than one unit is used they should be evenly distributed over the slatted floor.

Duration of treatment
In case of heavy infestation 6 – 8 hours daily, preferably at night.
As a precaution, 2 – 4 hours daily are sufficient.

Junge Kühe braun weiß.

Advantages of UV-C

  • Disinfection up to 99.9%
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemistry
  • Not harmful for cattle and cows

Precautionary measures

UV-C light can cause eye and skin inflammation in humans, so the devices must be professionally installed.

To switch the lights on and off, it is recommended to use either a timer or a light switch, which is installed at a sufficient distance from the lights.