UV-C Seed Disinfection in Vertical Farming

In vertical farming, limited agricultural space (especially in cities) is to be used sustainably and effectively. To ensure the highest possible product quality and germination capacity, the use of UV-C light is an innovative solution.

No matter whether it is used to disinfect seeds, to improve germination and seed quality or to treat plants to prevent pest infestation. UV-C light can be used in many ways.

Zwei Personen arbeiten in einer Vertical Farm mit pinker Beleuchtung
Vertical Farming Regale
Vertical Farming Anlage
Vertical Farming Samen
Vertical Farming Anlage

Advantages of UV-C

  • Disinfection up to 99.9%
  • Increase of shelf life
  • Improvement of germination capacity
  • No negative influence on product quality
  • Consistency of the product remains unchanged
  • No introduction of contaminated seed
  • Increase of seed quality