UV air and surface disinfection for laboratory and research

UV light is not unknown in many laboratories, whether for research purposes or for UV air and surface disinfection. The use of UVC light is a simple and very effective way to reduce the germ pressure in rooms.

Zwei Männer arbeiten in einem Labor
Grüne Flüssigkeit in Reagenzglas
Kontrolle von transgenen Lebensmitteln im Labor für Biotechnologie
Menschen im Labor - Kolben, Pipette und Mikroskop
Pinke Flüssigkeit wird mithilfe einer Pipette in kleine Reagenzgläser gefüllt

UV Air Disinfection in Food Laboratories

Food inspection is an important process in food production, where the quality of production is constantly monitored. For this reason, analysis should take place in as germ-free an environment as possible in order to obtain correspondingly accurate results. Due to external influences, such environmental conditions are not easy to establish.

Air disinfection in medical laboratories

Results from medical laboratories can have serious consequences if they are exposed to foreign germs in the laboratory and false conclusions are drawn about the patient’s condition as a result.

Employees in medical laboratories are often exposed to an increased risk of infection due to airborne germs when handling contaminated material, which can lead to unnecessary downtime.

UV and Ozone for Research Laboratories

UV and ozone are very interesting media in research, be it for oxidative processes, micro-cleaning of surfaces, as energy medium for certain reactions, photocatalytic processes, etc. There are many possible applications.

Produktionsprozess zur Herstellung von Arzneimitteln in einer pharmazeutischen Fabrik

Advantages for the lab

  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Improvement of production quality
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemical cleaning

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