UV air disinfection in pharmacies

The first way you go in case of an infection is either a visit to the doctor or directly to the pharmacy. Since many medications can be purchased without a prescription in the meantime, it cannot be avoided that this is an optimal collection point for germs and bacteria.

The risk of infection for customers and staff is extremely high. Microorganisms find an ideal breeding ground here. Conventional ventilation of the salesroom is not sufficient to reduce the germ load.

Apotheke mit UVG80 Luftentkeimer
UVG80 Luftentkeimer in einer Apotheke
Apotheker der sich Medikamente anschaut
Menschen in einer Apotheke
UVG80 Luftentkeimer in einer Apotheke

Advantages for the pharmacy

  • Protection of employees and customers
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemicals