Protect our children -
UV Air Disinfection and Odor Elimination in School

Sniffly noses and glazed eyes – as we all know, schools are not immune to annual waves of colds and flu. The Corona pandemic is gaining momentum again and stricter measures are being imposed at schools.

Many children in a bunch increase the risk of cross-contamination and infection.  Therefore, it is very important to continuously disinfect the rooms. One solution is to install a UV-C air sterilizer that works continuously.

Contamination risks at school

  • The infection routes in schools are shorter and it is easy to get infected through the air in the room.
  • The child’s immune system has to learn to fight off germs, viruses and bacteria, so children are often sick 6-8 times a year.
  • The children bring the diseases home and infect the whole family.
  • Due to the weak immune system of the children and the close contact within the families, the viruses can spread quickly.

Ozone for odor elimination in toilets and changing rooms

Unpleasant odors often accumulate in toilets and changing rooms. To eliminate stinky odors and provide a pleasant atmosphere, ozone devices can be used. The amount of ozone emitted is so small that it has no harmful or disinfecting effect. However, the ozone is able to bind odor molecules and thus eliminate unpleasant odors.

Advantages of UV-C disinfection in schools

  • Disinfection of up to 99.9 % of all microorganisms suspended in the air
  • Continuous disinfection due to fixed installation
  • Flexible use even with high room frequency
  • Safe to use when people are in the room
  • Simple and elegant design, high quality materials
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemical cleaning