Application areas and industries

UV-C air and surface disinfection in the healthcare sector

Operationssaal im Krankenhaus

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Medical practices


Retirement homes

Protection in the middle of the focal point

Proactive health protection for patients and medical staff with UV-C air and surface disinfection.

Provides safe, medical-hygienic
prophylaxis in:

  • Medical practices
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Retirement and nursing homes, assisted living
  • Physiotherapy
  • Podiatry
  • Gymnastics
  • Ambulance service, ambulance, emergency ambulance
  • and much more.

Possible applications of UV-C in industry

Industrie - Förderband mit Weintrauben in Plastikschalen

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Pharmaceutical industry

Food industry

Packaging industry

Flexible, process-oriented , tailor-made for sensitive hygienic areas in production.

These are our solutions from Dinies Technologie for your production in hygienically sensitive areas or for production for target markets of this kind. These include areas such as:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food industry
  • Packaging & Logistics
  • Conveyor technology
  • Automobiles, buses
  • Plant engineering Ventilation technology
  • Shipbuilding
  • Aircraft

Use of UV-C in the service sector


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Hairdresser & Cosmetics

Laboratory & Research

As far as necessary – as close as possible

Safe health protection in your premises by disinfecting indoor air and all surfaces with equipment from Dinies Technologies. Protects customers, staff and work materials in personal services.

Such as:

  • Sports and fitness facilities
  • Hairdresser
  • Cosmetics
  • Tattoo studios
  • Dance studios
  • Laboratories
  • Research (e.g. clean rooms)
  • Offices of service providers

Use of UV-C in the hospitality and tourism industry

Bedienung mit Maske und Tablett mit Kaffee

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Restaurant & Café

“Waitress?! – Yes, we protect immediately!” 

As versatile as your industry – as versatile are our solutions. A real added value for you, your guests or passengers. The hospitality and vacation industry is particularly in focus when it comes to infections, hygiene, occupational safety and prophylaxis.

But not only! For shelf life of food and the fight against unpleasant odors, our devices serve you efficiently and comprehensively.

Harmful microorganisms in room air and on surfaces are safely inactivated by UV-C lamps in your rooms of all types and sizes.
This means:

  • Longer shelf life of food in storage rooms
  • No more unpleasant odors in rooms of all kinds
  • Health protection for your employees (less sick leave)
  • Health protection for your guests and passengers

Here is an excerpt of the areas in which we serve you professionally:
1. lodging establishments & restaurants of all kinds.

  • Kitchens, front cooking, storage and garbage disposal
  • Changing rooms
  • WCs and
  • Elevators

2. congress and exhibition centers
3. ships
4. airplanes
5. buses and other means of passenger transport
6. railroads

We have an answer for everything. Ask our experts from your industry.

UV-C disinfection in kindergarten, school and office

Büroraum mit Schreibtischen und Personen

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So you can get some fresh air indoors even in winter

Healthy indoor air is more important than ever. So is occupational health and safety.  Easy to install in your existing air conditioning and ventilation system our devices efficiently and safely remove pathogens and from pathogens and mold.

  • Kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities
  • Training centers
  • Offices
  • Any air conditioning and ventilation technology in real estate
  • For all manufacturers of air conditioning and ventilation technology

Ask our experts – they understand them and also help with the planning

Possible applications of UV-C in logistics

Logistik - Lagerhalle mit Regalen und Boxen

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Bus & Train

Logistics company

From A to B with UV-C

Whether warehouses, packaging lines, cabins, containers, cold storage rooms, box bodies – wherever people, animals and goods could be exposed to dangerous pathogens and mold, Dinies Technologies’ UV-C units disinfect safely and reliably. Our carefree packages work for you, for example, in:

  • Train station
  • Train
  • Airport
  • Airplane
  • Port
  • Ship
  • Bus
  • Logistics companies (warehouses, cold storage, containers, distribution centers, etc.)
  • Trucks (box bodies, refrigerated trucks, etc.)

Use of UV-C in agriculture, animal breeding/processing and nurseries

Feld mit Pflanzen

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Vertical Farming



Vegetables are healthy! So  it stays that way: UV-C protection for crops and livestock.

Dinies Technologies devices protect crops and livestock from disease-causing pathogens and molds safely and efficiently using UV-C lamps. Flexible and easy to maintain, all UV-C units are a worry-free package in proactive infection prevention for humans, animals and plants as in:

  • Arable farming with plant and seed storage
  • Livestock farming with stables, cages and pens
  • Nurseries with greenhouses and storage rooms
  • Slaughterhouses and butcheries
  • Stables, e.g. for equestrian sports
  • Fish farming
  • Zoos
  • Pet shops
  • Animal transports
  • Breeding farms

Also due to climate change more important than ever!