UV-Tunnel - Easy and chemical free disinfection with UV light

The products are transported through the UV tunnel on a conveyor belt at an appropriate speed. This tunnel contains several UV-C tubes that destroy the reproduction abilities of the microorganisms present on the product surface, therefore destroying them.

When disinfecting with the UV tunnel, 360° disinfection is ensured, as highly effective UV-C tubes are used on all sides, killing existing germs, bacteria and spores within a very short time. As a result, you get a product that is free of microbial contamination.

We use highly efficient UV-C lamps with a wavelength of 254 nm in our Dinies UV tunnel.
This wavelength has the property of changing the DNA of microorganisms so that they can no longer reproduce.

The UV solution for the food industry

UV-Tunnel 360°

The UV disinfection tunnel illuminates the passing products all around with UV radiation, whereby a complete area UV disinfection is achieved. The powerful UV lamps are placed on the top, bottom and sides, depending on the product and production speed.

The most common application of the UV tunnel is in front of a clean room. By using a UV tunnel as a disinfection airlock, products, packaging and equipment are introduced into the cleanroom disinfected by UV, with very high disinfection rates, depending on the dwell time in the UV radiation. UV disinfection airlocks are used in many industrial sectors such as the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical industry or medical technology.

The UV tunnel is also used as a UV disinfection tunnel for food, packaging or internal transport boxes.

In order to achieve the highest possible efficiency, the UV tunnels are adapted to the customer’s requirements, product, production speed, disinfection requirements, etc.

Advantages of UV-Tunnels

  • very flexible application
  • low operating temperature and thus treatment of objects with low heat tolerance,
  • fast treatment time with low power consumption,
  • easy installation, handling, cleaning and maintenance,
  • low susceptibility to failure

Areas of Application

  • Disinfection tunnel in clean rooms
  • UV disinfection tunnel for product disinfection or packaging disinfection
  • automatic UV disinfection of food products
  • UV tunnel for disinfection of boxes and transport baskets
  • UV disinfection of luggage at airport
  • UV disinfection of tray and hand luggage at check-in