UV air and surface disinfection in kindergarten

The risk of cross-contamination is very high in kindergartens because a large number of people are present there.

Children play with each other, and put toys in their mouths. Therefore, it is very important to disinfect the rooms continuously. One solution is the installation of a UV-C air purifier that works permanently.

Spielzeugkiste im Kindergarten

Contamination risks in kindergartens

  • The infection routes in kindergartens are shorter and it is easy to get infected through the air in the room.
  • The child’s immune system still has to learn to fight off germs, viruses and bacteria, which is why children are often ill 6-8 times a year.
  • The children bring the diseases home and infect the whole family.
  • Due to the weak immune system of the children and the close contact within the families, the viruses can spread quickly.

Odor elimination with the help of ozone

Whether in the restroom, changing room or bedroom, with the help of our ZOG unpleasant odors can be eliminated easily and safely.

Kinder spielen mit Spielzeugautos im Kindergarten

Advantages of UV disinfection in kindergarten

  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Improvement of production quality
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemical cleaning