UV Immersion Lamps

UV-C against water and air contamination

ESS UV-C tube

Germ-infected surfaces in food production? High germ content in the air? Legionella infestation in the well? A bacterial smear film in the water tank? Mold spores in the cistern? A polluted ventilation system? Contaminated water in fish ponds? All this has now found a solution with the UV recessed lamps from Dinies. Because based on the germicidal effect of UV-C rays, these devices are excellent for the disinfection of water and air.

Various accessories also ensure simplified integration into existing containers, pipes and ventilation systems.

Advantages of UV Immersion Lamps

  • a wide power spectrum, ranging from 10 watts to 250 watts
  • different lengths
  • minimalism when changing the spotlight
  • a multifunctional use
  • 24-hour continuous disinfection with low operating costs and without the use of chemicals

Areas of Application

  • centralized and decentralized ventilation systems, such as air conditioners or air scrubbers,
  • water and water containers and pipes, for example service water tanks or pond systems,
  • surfaces and packaging, especially in the context of food production, but also in warehousing and sales

Technical Data

Junction box 235 x 150 x 56 mm Not included
Mains cable 3 m Not included
Cable length 3 m 5 m
Ø Quarz tube 23 mm 23 mm