UV air and surface disinfection in public transport

The ambient air in public transportation regularly becomes a vector for disease and passengers are exposed to high levels of germs in the air. Due to the short infection paths, it is easy to become infected via the room air and despite the obligation to wear a mask, the risk of infection is still present in buses & trains.

To protect passengers and employees from infection, the air can be disinfected up to 99.9% with the help of a specially manufactured UV-C disinfection module.

Bahn von Innen
Bus von außen
Bahn in einer Bahnstation
UV-C Entkeimungsmodul in einem Bus
Bahn von Innen

The problem

  • Permanent risk of infection
  • High volume of people
  • Unpleasant atmosphere

The goal

  • Reduce risk of infection
  • Reduce germ content in the air
  • Keeping the risk of infection low

The solution

  • Disinfection of room air with UV-C light
  • Continuous & automatic air disinfection
  • Specially designed UV-C disinfection system
Erste Klasse in einer Bahn

Advantages of UV-C disinfection in bus & train

  • Public transportation can be used again without hesitation
  • Trust with passengers is strengthened
  • The risk of infection is reduced
  • People can once again enjoy riding the bus and living life to the fullest
  • Disinfection of up to 99.9%
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemical cleaning