UV air and surface disinfection in hospitals

Again and again, we receive shocking news about infections of old and weak patients as well as small children. In rare cases, infections caused by multi-resistant germs (MRSA) also end fatally. A very high contamination of indoor air is present in hospitals, especially in hospital corridors, which is often not taken into account in practice.

However, there is also a very high airborne germ contamination in the treatment and examination rooms. There are legal regulations for treatment tables and instruments, but nothing is provided for the airborne germ content in hospitals!

Central ventilation systems pose a further risk. Although these should ensure a pleasant room climate, they are usually an optimal propagator of viruses and bacteria throughout the entire building due to the lack of UV-C technology.

Behindertengerechtes Bad mit CleanO3mat
UV-Mobil im OP
Rezeption in einem Krankenhaus
Chirurgen operieren in OP-Saal

UV-C air and surface disinfection in operating rooms

The Dinies UV-Mobil 240 was specially developed for the disinfection of surfaces and air in the medical sector.

During the development process, care was taken to ensure that the design of the unit would not create any shadow areas and that the powerful UV-C light would be able to disinfect both the air and the surface in the best possible way.

The UV-C lamps are used with free radiation, without any shielding. The operation is therefore only possible in rooms without any people.
The UV-C light disinfects the surfaces by direct and indirect irradiation. The air is disinfected at the same time

UV disinfection and odor elimination in wet cells in patient rooms

The CleanO3mat combines the effects of UV-C light and ozone for the first time: In combination, these ensure that up to 99.9% of germs and microorganisms in wet cells are destroyed. As a result, the disinfection device contributes to improved hygiene in patient rooms. In addition, the ozone neutralizes unpleasant odors in the long term, ensuring that patients feel comfortable.

UV-C air disinfection in waiting areas

In areas where there are many people and there is a lot of coming and going, the risk of infection by aerosols in the air is very high. This risk is increased in hospitals, where there are also many sick people. With the help of air sterilizers, the air in the room can be disinfected by up to 99.9%, thus reducing the risk of infection.

Advantages for hospitals

  • Protection of employees, patients and visitors
  • Reduction of sick leave
  • Disinfection of indoor air
  • Creation of a healthy room climate
  • Simplification of cleaning processes
  • Relief of cleaning personnel
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Low energy costs
  • No chemical cleaning

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