UV-C air and surface disinfection in restaurants and cafes

Restaurants and cafes are a big part of everyday life. Places where many people meet, talk animatedly and have a good time. But when many people converse in a confined space, the aerosol and therefore germ load of the ambient air increases.

To prevent this and to create a healthy indoor climate, Dinies has developed, among other things, the UV-C air purifiers of the UVG series. Protect employees and guests and ensure a pleasant stay!

Restaurant UVG80 Luftentkeimer
UVG80 auf Regal in Restaurant
UVG80 Luftentkeimer montiert an Wand im Restaurant.
Café Restaurant mit kleinen Tischen auf denen Blumen stehen

Infection risks in the catering trade

  • The risk of contracting viruses or other microorganisms increases in enclosed spaces
  • The infection routes in restaurants and cafes are shorter and it is easy to become infected via the room air

How can you reduce the risk of infection?

At Dinies Technologies GmbH, we have been working  on developing automatic disinfection solutions that make everyday life safer without the need for additional personnel for some time.

When room air or surfaces are irradiated with artificial UV light, viruses and bacteria are eliminated within a very short time, in a completely natural way without chemicals.

Odor elimination in the catering industry

  • Use in rooms and corridors that cannot be adequately ventilated and promote unpleasant odors
  • Food odors can often be unpleasant in kitchens as well
  • Especially in open kitchens the kitchen odors remain in the air
  • For example, in:
    • Kitchens,
    • rest rooms,
    • hallways
UVG80 montiert an der Decke in einem Restaurant

Advantages of UV-C disinfection in the catering trade

  • Disinfection of up to 99.9 % of all microorganisms suspended in the air
  • Continuous disinfection due to fixed installation
  • Flexible use even with high room frequency
  • Safe to use when people are in the room
  • Simple and elegant design, high-quality materials
  • No use of chemicals

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