UV-C disinfection in the packaging industry

Currently, there are over 10,000 chemicals approved for direct food-contract packaging worldwide, many of which are concerning health and safety.

We use none of them.

Clean packaging is a “must-do” for most brands and packaging converters in the food sector. UV-C light is a treatment method used for surface disinfection of packaging and foodstuffs. This chemical-free method produces no harmful by-product and does not alter the packaging or foodstuffs, all while achieving a disinfection rate of up to 99.9%.

Incorporate UV-C disinfection seamlessly into your production line, and enjoy the world of chemical-free Clean Packaging.

Green crates being disinfected in a UV-Tunnel
UV-Tunnel 360 open with yellow transport boxes
UV-Cover open
UV-Cover open plastic containers

Advantages for the packaging industry

  • No harmful chemicals such as Phthalates, BPA’s and PFAS
  • Seamless integration into production processes
  • By-product free disinfection method
  • Low energy and operation costs